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Finding Your SIP Intern

This page is meant to help you find all the resources provided by the SIP Intern extension of the Scientists in Parks (SIP) Program in one place for the portion of the SIP Intern program focused on participant selection. Feel free to browse the information and resources below to find answers and read a full overview of the process.

Geological Society of America is the primary recruiting partner. If you have questions related to this page's contents please contact

Breezy (Applicant Tracking) Information

For your Scientists in Parks (SIP) Intern position(s), you will use Breezy HR to review applicants. Review the detailed instructions below on viewing candidates and using the Breezy software.

Interview Guidance for SIP Interns

Before you and your hiring committee begin interviewing your top candidates, please review the linked Tips and Resources for inclusive interviewing.

Notice of Selection - Email Template

Please use this template when you're ready to notify a candidate of their selection.

Offer Letter 

You may receive a request from your selected SIP candidate for a copy of their offer letter. Stewards Individual Placements creates the SIP's onboarding paperwork in an online system and can't create the offer letter until they've officially been moved into our system.

SIPs will receive their offer letter with all other onboarding tasks 3-4 weeks prior to their intended start date.

Why Become an SIP Intern?

This is a webinar hosted by our partners with Geological Society of America. If you'd like to share this recording with any interested candidates, please click the link below:

Program Contacts

Recruitment Requests and Application System

Lesley Petrie

Education & Outreach Program Coordinator, GSA

(303) 357-1097

Matt Dawson

Assistant Director, Center of Professional Excellence, GSA

NPS Program Questions

General Questions

Kiersten Jarvis

Program Manager, NPS

Chelsea Bitting

Partnership Lead, NPS

Melanie Wood

Financial Assistance Lead, NPS

More resources

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