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SIP Interns trek up the side of a sloping mountain covered in snow


SIP Intern stands in red canyon smiling at camera

Hands-On Experience 

Participants will work in a national park (unless the position is remote) and will gain a deeper understanding of the park's natural resources, management challenges, and priorities through supervision and mentorship from experienced NPS staff.

SIP Intern looks down at device while on a boat in the middle of the water

Professional Development

Enhance your skills and knowledge in various scientific disciplines by working on projects like data collection and analysis, external communications, field surveys, and more! Some positions offer the ability to attend applicable conferences and pursue other professional development outlets like presenting their research in professional settings. Additionally, all participants are invited to attend monthly virtual training sessions.

SIP Inter stands with arms outstreched showing samples in a inventory room

Interdisciplinary Learning

The program encourages interdisciplinary collaboration, allowing participants from different backgrounds and disciplines to work together on projects that address complex conservation and management challenges.

SIP Intern sits at table while looking at rock samples

Contribution to Conservation

Make a meaningful impact by contributing directly to the research, management, and understanding of park conservation efforts to preserve of biodiversity and natural landscapes of national parks.

Other Benefits

  • Paid internship with relocation allowance, uniform stipend, and Segal AmeriCorps Education Award upon successful completion.

  • If available, on-site housing is provided at no cost. If on-site housing is not available, a housing stipend is offered instead.

  • Access to four signature Affinity Groups: DEIJ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Justice) Change Makers, Women+ in Science, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), and Pride in STEM.

  • Potentially eligible for either the Public Lands Corps Hiring Authority or Direct Hire Authority - Resource Assistant.

  • Healthcare insurance (52-week positions only).

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