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During Intern Service

Please thoroughly review each section on this page as it contains very important information to set you up for successfully supporting your SIP(s). 

There are paperwork items for you to complete on the first day of your SIP's term, half-way through and towards the end of their term. You will be sent a prompt email by your Stewards point of contact with instructions but please make sure you're familiar with Stewards' requests in advance by reviewing below. 

Throughout this page, you will see language like "service" and "member." Stewards staff frequently uses these terms because the SIPs are AmeriCorps Members and SIPs are technically "serving" when they are an active SIP. Intern and member are used interchangably.

First-Day Paperwork

On the SIP's first day, please complete Form I-9 and the Non-Disclosure Agreement and have your member upload the signed forms to their Conservation Legacy Onboarding Profile (they will know what this is). Your assigned Stewards Program Coordinator will send an email request and instructions the week before your member's start date.

PLEASE NOTE! These two forms should be a high priority as Stewards cannot officially enroll the SIP(s) in their position until received.


Form I-9


Non-Disclosure Agreement


Many of the SIPs are new to the professional world and will be looking to you, as their primary or secondary supervisor/mentor, for guidance. Please make sure you are available to give them advice on professionalism, goal setting, professional development opportunities, timely responsiveness to email requests, and more.

We highly encourage you to set aside time with the incoming SIP(s) during their first week to discuss shared goals, including professional development opportunities they can pursue during their term.

AmeriCorps Hours Requirements & Timesheet Approval

Review this section to learn how to track AmeriCorps hours and approve timesheets and PTO.

SIP's hours are tracked in Conservation Legacy's Community Portal, which you will gain access to during the SIP's first week.

As a reminder, SIPs have a minimum hour requirement to achieve the AmeriCorps Education Award. The portal will give a breakdown of their progress towards that goal.


Timesheet Instructions


PTO Policy


Payroll Schedule

Worker's Compensation

If an SIP is injured on the job, needs to seek medical care, they will need to complete an Incident Report Form and have the doctor/provider complete a Letter from Treating Provider. The letter from the Treating Provider contains Conservation Legacy's insurance group info.


Follow the steps below chronologically to complete your incident report. Please familiarize with this information in case of emergency. Reach out to your Program Coordinator with any questions. 

If the incident is conflict related, please jump to the
Restorative Justice Section

  • Step 3: Complete an Incident Report Form (IRF) in Community Portal & notify your Stewards Program Contact
  • Step 2: Take this with you if you seek medical care: Letter from Treating Provider
    This form contains the Conservation Legacy insurance information. You will need this if you seek medical care!
  • Step 5 (If Needed): Worker's Compensation - Prescription Filling Instructions
  • Step 4 (Optional): Fillable Incident Report Form (use this option if you cannot access a internet to complete online IRF)
  • Step 1: Read Claimant Guidelines For Worker's Compensation Coverage - Sedgwick
  • Emergency Protocol for natural disasters

Midterm Evaluation

Stewards will send you a request to complete a Mid-term Evaluation for your member 3-4 weeks before it's due date. Evaluations are important for project tracking, professional development check-ins, and personal development progress.

Mid-term evaluations are only required for members in a position 20 weeks or longer, but you are welcome (and encouraged) to complete this evaluation with your intern. 

Telework Plan

If your intern should need to telework offsite AND in a different state for more than a week at a time during their term of service, you must notify your Stewards Program Coordinator with a completed Telework Plan.

Conflict Mediation & Restorative Justice

Stewards Program Coordinators are here to help! If the SIP experiences conflict during their term, we want to serve as a supportive 3rd party in repairing relationships between all parties involved. We understand that each situation is unique, and our team utilizes restorative justice and non-violent communication to find positive steps forward.

Please contact your Program Coordinator as soon as possible if you experience conflict and/or behavioral issues.

We utilize the basics of non-violent communication (NVC). Visit this link if you want to learn more.

NPS Ombuds

Stewards is aware that interns have access to an NPS system, NPS Ombuds. This is not a reporting resource but rather a confidential person to discuss concerns, explore options and possible solutions to any work-related issue. Feel free to direct interns to this resource in addition to alerting your assigned Stewards Program Coordinator.

Contact Information
(844) 288-7046

Hiring Authorities

Public Land Corps Hiring Authority

Direct Hire Authority - Resource Assistant Intern

NPS Conservation Fellows Program

Public Land Corps Hiring Authority

Eligible National Park Service interns can be hired non-competitively into Federal General Schedule and Federal Wage Schedule positions (temporary, term, or permanent) under the Public Lands Corps (PLC) Act Non-Competitive Hiring Authority (Public Law 109-154).



  • Must be between 16 and 30 years old or a veteran up to 35 at the start date of their internship

    • An applicant with PLC non-competitive hiring eligibility can be over 30 years of age when applying for an eligible federal position

  • Satisfactorily worked 640 hours on an appropriate conservation project(s) that include at least 120 hours on federal lands through the Public Lands Corp

    • At least 120 hours must be completed in a PLC-eligible project. PLC hours can be earned from a land management agency and can be applied to a non-competitive appointment within the DOI or USFS and any agency that supports this hiring authority. Since many internships last approximately 3 months (480 hours), the intern will need to complete the remaining hours in another qualifying internship or conservation project

    • All SIP internship positions are considered appropriate conservation projects

  • The PLC Participant Work Hours Verification Form and Certificate of Eligibility must be completed and submitted with the USAJobs application. Find the NPS Regional Youth Coordinator in the region where the PLC hours were earned to sign the Certificate of Eligibility

    • There is variability in how NPS regions and other agencies implement this hiring authority. Therefore, pay close attention to the vacancy announcement and work with the appropriate NPS Regional Youth Coordinator and the appropriate Human Resources Office to confirm which positions are eligible for the PLC non-competitive hiring eligiblity.​

  • The non-competitive hiring eligibility is good for 2 years after the completion the SIP's internship and will start on the date shown on the PLC Certificate of Eligibility

  • The applicant must meet the OPM qualification standards for the position and apply through USAJobs. The PLC Non-Competitive Hiring Authority must be noted in the vacancy announcement in order for a PLC-eligible person to apply for the position. Veteran’s preference does apply under this hiring authority (i.e., within the PLC-eligible applicants, a non-preference eligible person cannot be selected over a preference eligible person).​​​​​​​

Direct Hire Authority - Resource Assistant Intern (DHA-RAI)

Direct Hire Authority for Resource Assistant Internship Programs (DHA-RAI) positions are rigorous and develop the participant’s technical and creative thinking abilities, leadership skills, and problem-solving capabilities. Once completed with all eligibility requirements met, the intern can be directly hired into a permanent federal position. To qualify for this hiring authority, the internship must be approved as a DHA position in the fall prior to the position being advertised and filled.




Worked a minimum of 11 full-time weeks during the summer on a self-directed, rigorous DHA-RAI project(s) that focuses on critical thinking and real-world problem solving.


Project has clearly defined deliverable or products with clear expectations and outcomes.


Project results are presented to internal and external decision-makers and stakeholders.


Currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program for the duration of the internship and will graduate after the completion of the internship.


There are clear pathways to success for the participant and obvious assessment opportunities for the NPS manager.


NPS supervisor certifies that the DHA-RAI intern successfully completed the position.

  • At the conclusion of their internship, the intern will receive a "DHA-RAI package" with the paperwork to verify the successful completion of their internship

  • The applicant must meet the OPM qualification standards for the position and apply through USAJobs. The PLC Non-Competitive Hiring Authority must be noted in the vacancy announcement in order for a PLC-eligible person to apply for the position. Veteran’s preference does apply under this hiring authority (i.e., within the PLC-eligible applicants, a non-preference eligible person cannot be selected over a preference eligible person).​​​​​​​

NPS Conservation Fellows (DHA-RAI Hiring Process)

The National Park Service Conservation Fellows Program (NPSCF) is NPS's title for the program that manages internships and subsequent direct hires via the Resource Assistant Internship DHA. NPSCF provides a pathway for National Park Service Managers to hire (typically career-conditional) employees from candidates who successfully complete a rigorous internship with an approved internship program. 


DHA-RAI alumni are ready and eligible to be directly hired into a permanent federal position with less paperwork and less time than is currently needed to hire a federal employee through USAJobs. DOI bureaus that can use the Direct Hire Authority are the NPS, BLM, BOR, FWS, and BIA. Please see the NPSCF site for a list of currently eligible DHA-RA Interns.

If an NPS unit wants to hire a DHA-RAI alumni, the following documents must be submitted to the NPS DHA Coordinator -- Tandy Bolling (

1. Justification Memo for non-competitive hire of DHA-RAI graduate intern (prepared by hiring official)

2. Position OF-8 and Classified PD (prepared by hiring official)

3. Candidate Resume

4. Candidate Academic Transcript(s)

5. DHA-RAI Internship Completion Memo (Documentation of Service) (prepared by Park Supervisor)

6. Project Recommendation Letter from partner organization Program Manager

7. Program DHA-RAI Completion Certificate​​​​​​​

After the paperwork has been submitted, it is reviewed by the NPS DHA Coordinator. The hiring official then works with their HR Specialist to complete a CTAP/ICTAP (Career Transition Assistance Program / Interagency Career Transition Program) clearance process and other required paperwork to hire the DHA-RAI alumni. The eligible DHA-RAI alumni does not need to apply for a federal position on USAJobs in order to be hired into the federal position.

If there is not a permanent position available at the site where the DHA-RAI intern worked during the summer, it is recommended that the intern work with their NPS internship supervisor/mentor and reach out to other NPS staff that may be interested in hiring the person into a federal position.​​​​​​​

For more information, see
DOI Personnel Bulletin 12-15

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