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Review the information below after you select your intern, but before they start.

In order to avoid delays in starting your member, please begin the federal background check process (National Agency Check with Inquiries or NACI) and request a PIV card as soon as possible. If you are unsure of how to initiate this, please inquire with your site's HR department.

A Stewards Enrollment Specialist will reach out to your candidate with onboarding task instructions about 4 weeks prior to their intended start date. You will not be notified of their progress unless there are incomplete onboarding tasks that will impact their start date so you can assume no news is good news. 

SIP interns will work with Stewards through each of their online onboarding tasks. If they have questions about those, they should direct them to their Stewards Enrollment Specialist.


Stewards Supervisor Orientation Video

First and foremost, please watch the required10-minute Supervisor Orientation Video.


Tips from Past Mentors

We want you to have all the tools you need to successfully support your SIP(s) before and during their terms. Please read through this document to receive guidance and insights from previous mentors. (Links to DOI Sharepoint)

SIP Supervisor/Mentor Webinar

The NPS Supervisor Webinar covers high-level partner relationships and expectations. If you missed the yearly webinar (hosted in January for summer terms and July for winter terms), please see the recordings and accompanying slides. 

Supervisor Handbook

Please review and bookmark as a reference guide for questions that arise during your term.

Member AmeriCorps Service Agreement (Sample)

This is a sample copy of what the SIP intern signs prior to their start. The agreement outlines the terms, conditions, and rules regarding the participation of your SIP intern in an AmeriCorps program. Please review:

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