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You are considered a seasonal employee of Conservation Legacy which means you will track your hours in the Conservation Legacy Community Portal. Timesheets must be submitted by the end of each pay period  to ensure on-time payroll. 

Read first!

Time Off Guidance

Time off, which includes both sick and personal days, must be discussed with your primary supervisor beforehand. Federal holidays that fall during your position do not count against awarded PTO hours. Please review the information below to understand how to accurately account for PTO in your timesheets.


A full time work schedule, with PTO, should be followed and PTO should not be banked to use all at the end of your term.

Hours Awarded


You are paid a fixed weekly living stipend and so your paycheck will not vary in pay periods where you used PTO

PTO hours will not count towards your required minimum AmeriCorps Education Award hours so please keep that in mind when taking days off. 

You must reach at least the minimum number of AmeriCorps hours required by your position, working an average of 35-40 hrs/week


Recording Regular Planned Time off (PTO)

You will enter "0" for project hours on days you observe PTO for personal days off or sick. Please ensure your time off will not hinder your ability to achieve the minimum required AmeriCorps Hours.

  • Write "PTO" in description field


Recording Federal Holidays

You are permitted to use PTO on days your office and/or site will be closed due to the observance of federal holidays (Example: if your office is closed on Thanksgiving Day, you will use your PTO for that day) 

  • You will enter "0" in project hours on days you observe federal holidays

    • Write "PTO-holiday" in description​


Compelling Circumstances

If you miss more than 3 days of work due to illness, a family/medical emergency, or another compelling circumstance, notify your Program Coordinator immediately. Your Coordinator will work with you to ensure the time off needed does not hinder your ability to achieve the AmeriCorps Education Award. 


Time Off for Required Armed Forces Reserves Duties

To the extent possible, members should seek to minimize disruption to their service term as a result of discharging responsibilities related to your reservist duties.   In instances where the dates of active duty are inflexible, you will be allowed to leave for your two-week period of active duty and will continue to be paid your weekly living allowance. Your hours of active duty are allowed to be counted towards your AmeriCorps Education Award. 


Jury Duty

If you are summoned for jury duty, you must alert your supervisor of the days you think you might need off. If you do have to serve on a jury, you are allowed to count all hours served as regular project hours. Ensure you are writing “Jury Duty” in the description field on any days you serve jury duty. You will need to collect a court issued document stating you were an active juror and send that to your Program Coordinator upon concluding your Jury Duty.

Payroll Schedule 2024


Worker's Compensation

Incident Reporting & Worker's Compensation

If you are seeking medical care and want to apply for Worker's Compensation,

please complete an Incident Report Form and have the doctor/provider complete a

Letter from Treating Provider. The letter from the Treating Provider contains our insurance group info.


Follow the steps below chronologically to complete your incident report. Please familiarize with this information in case of emergency. Reach out to your Program Coordination with any questions. 

If the incident is conflict related, please jump to the Restorative Justice Section

  • Step 3: Complete an Incident Report Form (IRF) in Community Portal & notify your Stewards Program Contact
  • Step 2: Take this with you if you seek medical care: Letter from Treating Provider
    This form contains the Conservation Legacy insurance information. You will need this if you seek medical care!
  • Step 5 (If Needed): Worker's Compensation - Prescription Filling Instructions
  • Step 4 (Optional): Fillable Incident Report Form (use this option if you cannot access a internet to complete online IRF)
  • Step 1: Read Claimant Guidelines For Worker's Compensation Coverage - Sedgwick
  • Emergency Protocol for natural disasters

State Notices of Worker's Comp Information

Reporting Instructions

Reporting Instructions

Throughout your SIP internship, you'll be asked to complete a mid-term report, monthly accomplishments, and a final report. These reports are used to help track the program's accomplishments and challenges and are required for successful completion of your AmeriCorps service term. As such, please ensure they are completed by the assigned due date specified by your Stewards Program Coordinator. 

Your awesome photographs are wanted! Please ensure you are capturing photographs of you in action throughout your term. If you work in an office, photos of you at your office station work great! Here's an excellent video to guide you through media creation

Fast Facts

  • Stewards will pull information from your reports to post to social media and/or use in the final Scientists in Parks annual report.


Mid-term Reports: Due halfway through your term

You regular Stewards Program Contact will send you an email prompt several weeks prior to your mid term report due date. Please follow their instructions in that email. Preview the questions we'll be asking below: 


Monthly Accomplishments: Completed in your Community Portal

​You'll receive monthly requests to complete quantitative project tracking so please thoroughly review the instructions below to set yourself up for success when entering these numbers. These numbers are collected for AmeriCorps and partner reporting so they should be taken seriously.


Final Report: Due at the end of your term

Stewards will send an email with your exiting tasks several weeks before your last day. This email contains very important steps, including your Final Report link, for you to successfully finish your position to receive the AmeriCorps Education Award. Click the links below to preview the questions we'll ask in your final report:

Final Project Examples

Conservation Legacy Field Media Guide

How will you tell your story?

Media Guide Image.png


Please see the sections below for information on accessing your benefits. More information can be found on the AmeriCorps website and by calling the National Service Hotline: 1-800-942-2677

How does Stewards support you?

Living Allowance

Scientists in Parks program offers a living allowance to help members meet the living expenses incurred while serving the host sites.

Bi-weekly pay

Living allowances are distributed every 2 weeks by direct deposit. Review the payroll calendar here.

Fixed stipend amount

The living allowance is not a wage and does not fluctuate based on number of hours worked.

Employee Assistance Program

Members and their families are eligible to access mental health counselors, life coaches, financial advisors, and more through Unum's Employee Assistance Program. You can choose to schedule in-person meetings or online/phone support with a Licensed Professional Counselor. You can also reach out to their Work/Life Specialists that can help answer your questions and find resources in your community.

1-800-854-1446 (multi-lingual)
Group # 0913486

Fast Facts

  • Billing is made directly to Conservation Legacy

  • Unum is only available for use during your service


Conflict Mediation & Restorative Justice

Stewards Program Coordinators are here to help! If you experience conflict during your term, whether with a supervisor, a co-worker, or a roommate, we want to serve as a supportive 3rd party in repairing relationships between all parties involved. We understand that each situation is unique, and our team utilizes restorative justice and non-violent communication to find positive steps forward.

Please contact your Program Coordinator as soon as possible if you experience conflict.

We utilize the basics of non-violent communication (NVC). Visit this link if you want to learn more.

Patricia Sagawa Corpsmember Relief Fund

The fund offers support to young adults facing barriers during their term of service. Funds can be requested to support short-term relief including, but not limited to:

  • Childcare

  • Clothing and supplies

  • Food

  • Housing

  • Medical expenses

  • Transportation (public transportation, fuel, repairs)

  • Unforeseen need to travel home

  • Utilities


Fast Facts

  • Request up to $500.00 at one time, not to exceed twice in a calendar year

  • Applications accepted on a rolling basis

SNAP Benefits

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards that can be used to buy groceries. To receive SNAP benefits, you must apply in the state in which you currently live and you must meet certain requirements, including state-specific resource and income limits.


How do I apply?


Determine eligibility through your state or local SNAP office. Depending on your state, you may be able to apply online, in person, by mail, or fax.


Submit a completed application to your local SNAP office.


If you leave the state after your service, make sure to report it and close your case with your state or local SNAP office. If you remain in-state and, if you are still eligible for SNAP, you can transfer your case to a different office.


Prepare required documents, including a SNAP Assistance Letter, Service Agreement, and Offer Letter, which can be acquired from your Program Coordinator.


Your application will be processed within 30 days of your filed application.

Fast Facts

As an AmeriCorps member, your living allowance is excluded as income according to the National Community Service Act of 1990.

Outdoorly Pro Deals

Public LandCorps Hiring Authority (PLC)

Public Land Corps (PLC) is a work and education program established by the Public Land Corps Act of 1993. PLC partnerships provide opportunities in conservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of public lands. Upon completing 640 hours under an eligible PLC agreement (this includes SIP), participants earn a 2-year non-competitive hiring authority, allowing you to apply for permanent federal positions. 

To access the full instructions, work log, etc click below

PLC Infographic


PLC Webinar

Are you looking for an in-depth overview into the PLC hiring authority? Look no further!


Scientists in Parks presents a webinar from the Public Land Corps about the non-competitive hiring authority of the National Park Service and the Environment for the Americas. 

AmeriCorps Resources

MyAmeriCorps Portal

The MyAmeriCorps Portal is a one-stop shop for you, as an AmeriCorps member, to find information about your service and benefits. Scroll below to access the portal and learn more about why visiting the portal is important.

My AmeriCorps gives access to four main areas:


Loan Forbearance Requests


Interest Payment


Education Award Payment


Tax statements

1. Create Loan Forbearance Request

Individuals who are serving in a term of service in an approved AmeriCorps position may be eligible to have the repayment of their qualified student loans temporarily postponed while they are serving. It is through an action called forbearance. While an individual's loan is in forbearance, the member is not required to make payments.

Is my loan a qualified loan?

  • Find more information here

forbearance 1.png

To check your request status, return to your "My Education Award" page. Contact your loan provider if you have not heard from them within four weeks of submitting your request.

2. Create Interest Payment Request

As an AmeriCorps alumni, you are eligible to have the National Service Trust pay all or a portion of the interest accumulated on your qualified student loan(s) during your term of service.


 Eligibility requirements:

  • You must have successfully completed a term of service and received an Education Award

  • The loan must have been placed in forbearance for the service period

Fast Facts

  • The portion paid by the National Service Trust is determined by the type of service (full or part-time) and service term length

  • These payments are made in addition to the Education Award, and are not deducted from your Education Award balance

interest payment.png

To check your request status, return to your "My Education Award" page. Contact your loan provider if you have not heard from them within four weeks of submitting your request.

3. Create Education Award Payment Request

This option will appear after you have completed your service term and have been granted your award. AmeriCorps alum can use their education award on past federal education loans and towards future education expenses.

How to access your award

What to know for tax season

  • The award counts as taxable income in the tax year in which you use the award

  • Report the income as "educational benefit" income rather than self-employment income to avoid a higher tax rate

  • Are you a dependent on someone else's taxes? Share this info with them so that they report it correctly

  • You will receive a 1099-MISC income form for any amount >$600.00 that you used from your education award in that tax year

  • You can access tax forms in your My AmeriCorps account

AmeriCorps Education Award

The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award is a post-service benefit earned by individuals who complete their full term. Individuals cannot exit their term early and still receive the award unless approved for a compelling circumstance.

 Alumni can use the award to repay qualified student loans and current/future educational expenses at eligible academic institutions and training programs.

Fast Facts

  • You have up to 7 years to use your award from the date it is earned, with the potential to extend under certain conditions

Fast Facts

  • Certain schools provide scholarship or match your education award

Find Out More

Learn more about the Education Award amount, eligibility, and limitations.


The Education Award amounts on the following website will not match what you're receiving because the amounts granted coincide with the year that Conservation Legacy was awarded the grant that your term is on. 

How do I know the value of my Education Award?

You can find this amount in your AmeriCorps Service Agreement that you signed during onboarding.

Pink Earth

Alternative ways to use your education award

There are many other ways to use your education award outside of past federal student loans or future education expenses. Here are two resources to help guide your decision-making:

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